Refund Policy

Already prepared Foods that have been ordered and sent out for delivery by the vendors cannot be returned by the customer. This is in line with our safety guidelines on consumable products.

Coupons: Paxrun in conjunction with vendors, drivers, and delivery agents can agree on issuing moderate discounts to customers through the coupon code mechanism. This comes as a form of incentive to our customers. Vendors, drivers and delivery agents are advised to coperate with paxrun whenever coupons are given.

Customers have 48hours from the time a product/item is delivered, to return same product in circumstances where the item does not fit into the item initially ordered or paid for. Such item must be returned in good condition just as it was at the point of delivery.

The customer must notify the admin of the Paxrun application within 24hrs of his or her intention to return such item in the condition it was as at the point of delivery. This the customer can do by enabling the *TRACK BACK* feature on the app. A return code will be sent to enable the tracking of the product back to the vendor. In such circumstances, the vendor has 24hrs after the receipt of the returned item, within which a subsequent confirmation to have been returned in good condition has been guaranteed, to credit the customer with money earlier paid for on the item.

Refund can only be made when the vendor confirms reciept of the returned item /when the customer sends the tracking number to the Admin...

Rides cancelled will not be charged and if such situation comes up with a charge, will be refunded immediately..

Note::: Whereas the fault/omission comes from the vendor, the vendor bears the financial responsibility for the return of such item. In situations where the fault/omission is seen to be on the side of the customer or purchaser, such customer bears the financial responsibility for the return of such product/item.