Terms & Conditions

Our policies, terms and conditions were developed to help make every experience feel safe, respectful, and positive. They apply to everyone who uses paxrun car hailing platform and other Paxrun services, including but not limited to drivers, riders, parcel delivery agents, business vendors, purchasers and beneficiaries. Thank you for joining us in supporting and safeguarding a welcoming environment.

However, faliure to adhere to our policies can constitute a material breach or violation of the terms of our agreement with paxrun and may result in the loss of access to part or all of the Paxrun Platform. Please carefully read the underlisted to the best of your understanding.

Everyone who signs up for a Paxrun account is required to follow the Paxrun established Guidelines.

(I) Observe courtesy in your dealings using the Paxrun platform: Due to the diverse nature of the society, a registered user is bound to meet people with different ideology and approach. It is pertinent to state that courtesy must however be employed in your everyday dealings with people. This will enable an undiluted coexistence that will see to a wonderful service delivery.

(iI) Ensure strict adherence to the law.We are pertinent about the strict adherence to all existing laws guiding every transaction/business an individual may make using the Paxrun application. This includes but not limited to: (a) Strict adherence to Traffic and transport laws and policies with particular reference to the car hailing segment of the platform, (b) Strict adherence to all laws guiding commercial transactions to the exclusion of buying and selling banned and illicit items using the Paxrun application. To this effect, every transaction that involves buying and selling using the Paxrun application MUST be accompanied with a corresponding receipt of purchase for it to be successfully uploaded as a thrift item to be sold through the Paxrun platform. Paxrun will not bear liability for any transaction of any psychotropic substances or drugs being illegally sold or bought using the Paxrun platform. Registered vendors with the Paxrun application must ensure that their products do not defy any existing law or government policy. Sale of substandard products through the Paxrun platform is highly prohibited.

(III) Exercise the highest level of safety while carrying out any transaction using any of the Paxrun services: This entails being at alert so as to oppose or counter any action that negates the safety of a user. You must always make sure you caution any party going contrary to any policy that may likely put you in a state of Jeopardy or any disadvantaged situation.

(iv) Your feedback is always expected: It is to the best interest of our esteemed users to always relate to the admin using the feed back mechanism on any issue be it positive or negative, that may require attention, this is to ensure a better service delivery process geared to the satisfaction of our registered users, as our team is ever ready to improve the standards and remain always relevant to the evolution of technology.

(V) Punctuality and consistency: These are very important policies associated with the Paxrun platform. This entails being consistent and punctual whenever you demand for any service using the Paxrun platform. Do not keep a driver waiting for an unreasonable time whenever a ride is ordered, do not hesitate to move to a location of a rider immediately the pick up signal comes to you so as not to keep the rider waiting for an unreasonable time; in circumstances where the otherwise happens, such rides can be cancelled and feedbacks given. Do not also delay in delivering a parcel to a customer in cases of parcel delivery, do not also delay in picking up your parcels as soon as it arrives.

(Vi) Sincerity of purpose: Every exact product ordered for through the Paxrun platform, must be well packaged and delivered with it's receipt without compromise.

(Vii) Avoid misconducts and unnecessary interference with a user's private life: This involves riders and drivers especially. Do not interfere with an individual's dress sense, physical appearances, marriage life, education life, moral life and background. Exception to this policy is when you reasonably suspect that such an individual is about committing a crime. It is however necessary to report same to any law enforcement agency as soon as you can. Paxrun does not also encourage and tolerate any aggressive, confrontational, abusive, rude and sexually related gestures from any of the parties in any of its transactions or services.

(Viii) Post-trip contact: Contact with any Paxrun user should end when the trip or delivery is complete, unless it’s to return a lost item. Unwanted contact can be seen as harassment and includes, texting, calling, social media contact, visiting, or trying to visit someone in person after a trip or delivery has been completed. Do not share any unnecessary contact/information.

(ix) Discrimination: You should always feel safe and welcomed. Discriminatory conducts or behaviour, even towards the Paxrun team/ users isn't permitted. Do not discriminate against anyone based on traits such as age, colour, disability, gender identity, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, national origin, appearance, race, religion or belief, political views, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected under relevant laws.

(x) Property/ item damage: All properties belonging to our customers must be kept in good and deliverable condition. Damaging of properties such as vehicles (in relation to a car hailing service), articles, food items, beverages, electronics, etc is highly prohibited. Damages incurred by a driver in the course of his duty is strictly the sole responsibility of the driver, however, drivers must exercise high level of care while driving so as not to damage any of the above listed category of items.

(Xi) Keeping off with reckless attitudes: Smoking, alcohol consumption or any other careless attitude exhibited by a driver is highly prohibited. Paxrun exempts itself from any liability such a behavior may incure. Drivers are advised to maintain a very high standard of service delivery while using the Paxrun application.

(Xii) Sharing of a customer's Profile/Account: Paxrun discourages and vehemently opposes the sharing of a profile/account by two customers/ users. To be able to use the Paxrun Platform, one needs to fully register and maintain his or her own active account. Granting someone else access to operate with your account is totally prohibited, and you are also advised never to share your personal information used in connection with your account to any other person or group of persons, including but not limited to username, password, pictures of yourself, vehicle particulars, drivers license, etc. Such will enable you to avoid any form of vicarious liability that may emanate from any issue related to crime or anything thereof. A delivery agent who picks up a parcel for delivery must do so till the parcel gets to the required customer/individual. Handing over parcels halfway to someone else is highly prohibited. A vendor who uses the Paxrun application must also get registered and maintain an account with paxrun and subsequently get his or her products for sale uploaded together with it's prices on the E-commerce segment of the Paxrun application in an organized manner, so as to enable potential purchasers and buyers obtain same through the Paxrun application.

(Xiii) Time scheduling: The Paxrun application is designed in such a manner that a rider can through it's car hailing segment, order for a ride on a scheduled date and at a scheduled time. This is to say that a rider can order for a ride in lieu of a certain time, day and date(ahead of time). The rider and the driver are expected to keep to the time and date as scheduled. The rider may cancel such a schedule within one hour before the scheduled time, if such a rider won't be available to take up the ride anymore. The driver is expected to cancel such a ride within 2 hours before the scheduled time, if such a driver will not be available to take up the ride anymore.

(Xiv) Teenagers are totally exempted from maintaining a Paxrun driver's account: Only adults who are 18years and above and required to create, maintain and hold a driver's account with paxrun. This is also applicable to parcel delivery agents. Such a person must also possess a validly existing drivers license issued by the appropriate authorities.

(Xv) Avoid misconducts/ ill practices which may cause damages to customers: A driver is expected to avoid any driving misconduct that may pose a damage or issue to a rider. This entails that a driver must avoid any sharp practice while driving, maintain a reasonable speed limit, exercise diligence while driving and must never divert or pick up any other passenger or parcel except with the express permission of the rider or customer who must have ordered for your service for the moment. A driver should ensure that all his or her tricycle, motorcycle and vehicle particulars, drivers license are updated regularly when due. A driver is not expected to operate with vehicles, tricycles or motorcycles that do not meet up with the standard of the guidelines of vehicle inspection authorities or road safety established policies as the case may be. Drivers and Riders are also encouraged to use the seat belts always whenever they enter a vehicle which is about taking off, and remove same as soon as they want to alight from the vehicle.

(xvi) Vehicle/ tricycle information: For an easy pickup or delivery, the Paxrun application automatically gives riders and Paxrun customers /users identifying information about drivers and delivery people and their vehicles, including their licenced plate number, vehicle/ tricycle make and model, vehicle/ tricycle colour, profile picture, and name. Giving Inaccurate or outdated information during registration should be highly avoided. Riders/ customers are advised to avoid dealing with any one whose information as so published isn't in accordance or in tandem with what is physically seen upon arrival.

(Xvii)Use of Helmets by cyclists A cyclist who is a parcel delivery agent is advised to always put on his or helmet while driving. This is to ensure safety from any unforseen circumstance that may arise. Such helmet should be one that fits well.

(Xviii)Use of video and Audio recording devices in vehicles and tricycles: It is necessary to install video and audio recording devices in your vehicles and tricycles, and activate them whenever the need arises. However, a driver is under obligation to notify a rider of such a device especially when activated without necessarily showing or indicating the position of such a device. This is to enable a driver keep an eye or an evidence of any suspicious act he or she may sense in lieu. Such recording can at the discretion of the driver, be submitted to any law enforcement agency if a crime is eventually committed or reasonably suspects that such a crime is about to be committed. However, such a driver must lodge same with paxrun through it's admin. Meanwhile, sharing or streaming a person’s image, conversation or video recording on social media or in other digital or physical public locations is a violation of our Guidelines and will be sanctioned appropriately.

(Xviiii)Ensure Proper maintenance of vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles A driver is bound by this terms to maintain and make sure that his vehicle, tricycle or motorcycle is in good and serviceable condition. Paxrun has no duty to maintain the vehicle, tricycle, and motorcycle of any driver. This entails that a driver should ensure that the brakes, tyres, engine components, belts, and every other incidental feature associated with a serviceable vehicle is kept in check for better service delivery. The use of substandard products in maintenance is highly prohibited. Accidents which may occur is to be taken care of by the driver as Paxrun wishes all drivers and riders safety in all their dealings.

(xx) Public emergencies Paxrun may take additional measures in preserving the safety of our platform during public emergencies, including but not limited to natural disasters, public health emergencies, security emergencies and public crisis situations. This implies that of Paxrun receives notice from a public health authority that someone using the Paxrun Platform may pose a health risk factor to the society, Paxrun may temporarily disengage such individual’s access until it is reasonably confirmed that such individual is safe to get back to contact with the public. Hence, Paxrun may engage such individual once such confirmation is made.

Coupons: Paxrun in conjunction with vendors, drivers, and delivery agents can agree on issuing moderate discounts to customers through the coupon code mechanism. This comes as a form of incentive to our customers. Vendors, drivers and delivery agents are advised to coperate with paxrun whenever coupons are given.


For car hailing service:

Any driver who is registered with the Paxrun application for the purposes of the car hailing service is expected to fill the online registration forms appropriately and provide Paxrun with all necessary account details incidental to any transaction involving Paxrun.

2. The percentage ratio for remittance of money by a driver to Paxrun is drawn to be on a ratio of 15%: 85%. This is to say that for any car hailing order made through the Paxrun application by a rider or customer, Paxrun is entitled to 15% of the end trip amount, while the driver is entitled to 85%of the end trip amount.

3. 3. The percentages are automatically calculated through the admin and the aggregate of the money accrued by percentage must be remitted within 48hours (cash on delivery or offline payment) from the time the first order was accepted. Faliure to do so, such driver will be immediately disabled automatically from using the Paxrun application pending when such payment is made.

4. 4. The vendors who partner with paxrun using the Paxrun application has a 10% ratio of the cost of goods sold to be remitted to Paxrun through the admin. This has to be done within every 48hrs interval on cash on delivery/offline payment. Faliure to do so will prompt such vendor to be disabled from Paxrun.


Every Paxrun user/customer is expected to use the after service rating option. This is to enable Paxrun know what your experience looks like with any of its vendors, drivers or delivery agents as the case may be. It enables Paxrun to plan for improvements in its services, and most importantly, enables a reward system for those who render one service or the other using the Paxrun application. We are interested in your utmost satisfaction!!! Intellectual property, trademark etc:

Paxrun has its name, object, mission, vision, and logo registered with the Corporate affairs commission of Nigeria, and as well as Federal ministry of Trades and investments. Nobody is expected to replicate same without the due permission of Paxrun Ltd. Any action taken contrary to the above stated constitutes a breach and every legal remedy will be explored under the extant laws that established and regulates paxrun It is imperative for every user to abide by the terms and conditions of Paxrun so as to enjoy the packages and services Paxrun had to offer.